Due to a lack of voluntaries (Leaders), we won’t be able this year to prepare the parents and the children for the sacraments of First Reconciliation and Confirmation. Therefore, the children who have already received the sacrament of Reconciliation are welcome. We will have only the preparation to the First Communion during this year 2018-2019.

So, there will be a meeting for parents only on Monday, September 10th at 7:30 pm in the hall (corner of Taillon and Sainte-Claire Street). Since the parents are the first educator of their child’s faith, we will reflect on the role of parents to pass on the Christian Faith to their children.
In Mission San Domenico Savio, our role is to support and help parents to accomplish their mission.
For this reason, we will give the Alpha Course to all parents to help them to be aware of the great gift of Christian faith.
We will also support them to give catechism to their children in a small group.
Our activities will begin in October 2018 to the end of May 2019.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Fr. Gerald Lajeunesse omv

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