Once again this year we believe, at our parish, that it’s better to teach how to fish than to give fish away… This is why we are going to run Alpha course to the parents of kids in age of going to catechism in order to receive a sacrament, wether it’s First Pardon, First Communion, or Confirmation. Maybe it would be a good idea to read this blog if you are not sure if registering your child is a good idea. If you wish to learn exactly what is Alpha, you can watch this video:


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We are very exited about this series of encounters where adults can exchange together about their values and what they believe in.

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Great Novelty For Kids!

This year, we will do different by meeting up with kids to pray together and share their vision on life. In a certain way, we are open to be taught by them. The meeting will look like this:

  1. Welcome. Just a little chat altogether about what they have been through during the past week.
  2. Praising. We recognize God for who He is and we chant his Praise.
  3. Sharing. We share together on what God has made for us or what we have made for Him during the past week.
  4. Explaining. We explain a little bit about the Catholic Faith, in words that children understand.
  5. Intercession. We pray for our families, friends, teachers, and others that need our prayers.
  6. Our Father. We pray the prayer that Jesus taught us Himself.

Doesn’t it look so cool? We believe that we become christian by hanging around with Christians. This is why we chose to implement this movement at our parish. We will, obviously, talk about Jesus, who He is and how we can make friends with Him.

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And then we will all go celebrate together

After being filled with Holy Spirit, families will get altogether in the church to celebrate the love of our God and to give Him thanks for all He does for us in the presence of Jesus-Christ Himself in is Holy Eucharist. This is going to be our Mass, with upbeat songs and joyful prayer. We are looking forward to meeting YOU and your family!

Details about registration

You can fill out the following form to let us know that you intend to come and join our community. A information session will be held on September 25th, 7p.m., at the Parish. A snack will be (obviously) served, because, hey, we’re Christians!

Activities start on October 15th until 12, every Sunday.

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